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Our club is the premier forum in El Paso to mingle with owners of the most elite and exclusive Ford Mustangs in the city of El Paso.  We are dedicated to preserving and promoting the mystique of the American Muscle Car, as it is embodied in top-end Mustangs from the earliest days of the 60's to today.

We cater to a more mature crowd and always offer a family oriented atmosphere. We especially want to welcome spouses and significant others, and interested family members and friends. 

We are proud to be sponsored by Casa Ford, in El Paso, Texas, where we meet on the second Sunday of each month.  We gather in the showroom at Casa Ford to talk shop, share experiences and plan future activities such as car shows, road trips, and City events where we can show our stuff and benefit the Community.

            SVTMustangElite is proudly sponsored by Casa Ford in El Paso

The success of an organization like SVTCC is driven by the participation of dedicated members, and the support of strong corporate sponsors.  We are privileged to continue our relationship with Harbor Freight, on El Paso's West Side, as our newest Corporate Sponsor.  They are generously providing monetary donations and door prizes for our activities and meetings. Thank you Harbor Freight, and welcome to the SVTCC family!

            SVTMustangElite Sponsored by Harbor Freight on El Paso's West Side

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Oct, 2017
Very important! - As we do every year in the fall, we will be voting for new officers at the October regular meeting.  The offices of President and Secretary were up for election/reelection this year.  At the September meeting, Cathy Thompson was renominated for Secretary.  There were no other nominations for Secretary, so members voted to reelect her by acclamation.  There were two nominations for President accepted (in alphabetical order):

Richard "Rick" Hernandez
Winston Young

Please make sure you come to the October meeting and cast your vote - only paid members in good standing may vote.

Sep 23, 2017
SVTCC is partnering very closely with our sponsor Casa Ford to put together this year's Horsepower Roundup - our biggest show of the year!  We continue our larger and more important role, creating all promotional materials, developing judging classes and criteria, and coordinating all the judging.  This year's event will be a night show at Bassett Place, including a performance of the Fabulous Mustang Lightshow.  We brought out more than 50 cars last year, so let's not break that chain this year.  A big thank you to our friends at the Phantom Vettes and El Paso Corvette Clubs, who will be there enforce, and will assist us with judging. Take a look at our Horsepower Roundup Page for all the details, and see you there!

  SVTMustangElite at Casa Ford Horsepower Roundup 2016
Sep 10,  2017
SVTCC will be supporting our friends at the Phantom Vettes for their first Annual Rudolph Chevrolet "All American" car show.  In the same way that they will be helping us with the Horsepower Roundup, we want to come out, enforce, to show our support for their new show.  So please join us at Rudolph Chevrolet for this great new show!

Member Cars
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SVTMustangElite at War Eagels Museum - Group

Members in good standing of SVTCC - send in your favorite pic of your Mustang and I'll get it worked into this front-page showcase of member cars.  Just email me your pic att michael.s.garcia@svtmustangelite.comm.

SVTMustangElite goes to Alpine, Texas, 2013

In Alpine again for the yearly cruise in 2015..
Thanks too Mark Cisneross for this great video